Think rustic beauty. Think virgin landscapes. Think meandering rivers which may not gush forth, but retain their sandy stretches.

Think fresh farm fields. Twittering birds, chirping thrushes, dung beetles rolling their loads while your kids can make merry in the open spaces.

Getaway from the decibels, the dirt and the decadence of the cities gone bad.

Make your own cosy space in the ambience of your choice, with a country club to boot, with all the facilities that a modern man needs. And if ever perchance you want to visit the bad, bad city, there is the good old coach to take you there in the twinkling of an eye.

Homes, homes and more homes. All in arboreal settings. Eco-friendly, energy optimizing and very very cost effective.

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Residential properties available at affordable prices at a distance of 11 kms from the city centre, situated in the lap of nature amongst fresh farm fields close to the Kushabhadra river.Most of the energy requirements of the township to be harnessed from renewable sources like wind, solar, bio-fuel and waste to energy